Hi Pu Ben, 16 years of the new to the store? Still not quick to go to the store to see!!!

Unknowingly has entered the second half of 2016, in the first half of the table will gradually enter the table shop, whether it is a direct shop or dealer, in the second half of the task is to sell these 16 new year. Of course, this is the 16 years of the new genuine goods at a fair price, with sales before the mouth of this new table is quite different. Their mouth is new this year, more in the year to store style, rather than launch this year's style, so the second half on the altar is full of expectation. 2016 second half of the year is worth looking forward to replica watches uk the on-line After August, the major brands of 16 years have entered the shop, the first to be concerned about is Rolex. Have to say Rolex's new Pa at the beginning of the year has just released spy case enough to attract the eye, design 3, 6, 9 mark, Benz needle change, more reasonable dimensions, let it in the entry-level rolex replica in a duck. 4.8W yuan price is consistent with its market position, it is said that the Hengili shopping mall in Xidan Rolex store has sold in the spot, you want to be friends to shop advisory! Rolex air Of course, this is not the Rolex in the new table this year's hottest, is the hottest netizens dubbed the panda Di Daytona white black circle, this gold breitling replica has entered Chinese!!! The official price of 9.5W yuan is normal Daytona category, in the original steel section of the Daytona is not equipped with ceramic bezel, until the white Daytona appeared. It appears that love Daytona table fans about the bombing, the market reaction is very intense, the domestic listing sold, if you want to buy it, may have to wait or take a chance. Xiongmaodi Other Rolex new products have not been to the shop, want to start with the table you are really want to wait for a period of time, but also in this period of time to look at other brands of new products, should have been on the road!